Inadvertent decoration deficit

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Deficit is budget overspending. Before decoration, all my friends said that the budget must be overspending. I don't believe this evil. I made a very detailed calculation of the large and small budgets, and each budget has a lot of overspending space. I think it must be lower than this, not higher than this

1. Construction content of wood dado

wood dado is a wall protection facility constructed of wood keel, plywood and decorative lines. It is mostly used in the wall decoration of living room and bedroom in family decoration. The general height is 900mm, and the panel material plywood can be fully used. There are two types of wooden dados: belt type and no belt type. When the dado has no belt, the treatment method of joint should be designed. Generally, there are three forms: flat joint, splay joint and line pressure joint. Line pressure joint is generally used in family decoration

2. Construction specification for wooden dado

the construction of wooden dado should be carried out under the conditions of strong, flat and dry base surface. Before installing the wooden wainscot, snap the horizontal elevation line and the panel dividing line on the wall according to the design drawing and size. Drill holes at 10mm below the elevation control line of the wall, drill holes on the grading line, drive in the wood formwork with anti-corrosion treatment, and then conduct moisture-proof and flame-retardant treatment on the wall. When nailing the wooden keel, fix the keel on the wooden formwork in the wall with round nails according to the horizontal keel spacing of 400mm and the vertical keel spacing of 600mm. Nail the skid at the bottom of the vertical keel at a distance of 5mm from the ground. The width of the skid is the same as that of the keel, and the thickness is 3mm high. Open air holes on the horizontal keel, at least one for each gear. L before installing the wall panel, it should be cut according to the size. When using glue to make the schematic board, the length of the cutting size is 800 mm. Brush glue on the outside of the wooden keel, fix the wall panel on the wooden keel, and reinforce it with nails. The joint of wallboard must be on the vertical keel and pressed with batten. Install a skirting board at the bottom of the wooden dado, fix the skirting board on the skid and wallboard, the height of the skirting board is 150 mm, and the riser is fixed on the dado with wooden wire strips. After the installation of the wooden dado, the finishing treatment should be carried out immediately, and the oil should be painted once to prevent other types of work from polluting the board surface

3. Acceptance of wooden dado

the structure of wooden dado meets the design requirements. The embedded parts are treated with corrosion prevention. The moisture content of wood keel is less than 12%, plywood is less than 10%. The wood species used for panel are unified, the texture is similar, and the closing corner line and skirting board are consistent with the material species used for dado. The dado panel shall be free of dead joints, pith cores, corrosion spots, patterns, consistent colors, correct overall dimensions, regular division, and the paint film shall be bright and smooth by hand inspection, without quality defects such as penetrating the ground, falling brushes, sagging, etc. Use a ruler to measure the upper opening of the dado, the belt and the toe board. The flatness error is less than 2mm, the thickness error out of the wall is less than 1mm, and the division error is less than 1mm

4. Common quality problems and treatment methods of wooden dados

common quality problems of wooden dados have two aspects: in terms of structure, if the number of keels is small, plywood is thin and poor quality, it can lead to instability of the board surface, so the number of keels should be increased, the spacing should be reduced, or thick plywood should be used. In terms of construction, the joints are not straight, and the wood grain patterns are disorderly. The joints should be removed and planed, and the position of the plate surface should be adjusted. Reinstall after the flowers are correctly aligned

5. The construction period estimate of the wooden dado

the construction of the wooden dado should be started after the treatment of the base course of the top and wall surface, and completed before the completion of the project. Among them, the installation of the wooden keel and panel in the three room and two hall room will take about 20 workers. The complexity of the dado will affect the construction period. The paint construction will be different according to the use of different paints and construction methods. It generally takes 4 days, and can be carried out at the same time with the surface paint of other wood products




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