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Winter has always been regarded as the season of poor decoration, because of the poor working environment, it is worried about affecting the construction quality. In fact, there are many benefits of winter decoration, which can be successfully decorated in winter by properly dealing with the advantages and avoiding the disadvantages, and shielding some problems that are easy to occur in winter decoration

◆ effective, quick and easy to test materials

due to the low temperature in winter, the moisture in the air trades and condenses, which is the driest season of the year. The moisture content of wood is the lowest, and the drying degree of wood is higher. Restricted by price factors, there is almost no real dried wood on the market at present, which is generally dry on the surface. In winter decoration, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor can just test the wood and construction quality. After only oneortwo months, potential quality problems (such as dryness and deformation) will be reflected in time. At this time, before painting and handover, the construction personnel can modify or dismantle it immediately, which can ensure the quality of wood decoration for a long time

at this time, it is also the best time to check whether the paint is good or bad. The quality of paint directly affects the final effect of decoration. Because the indoor air is dry in winter, the paint solidifies quickly, which effectively reduces the adsorption of dust particles in the air. Painting the wall in winter can give the best effect

◆ details cannot be ignored

dryness and cracking may occur on the wall in winter, which is mainly caused by uneven water loss. Pasting kraft paper or bean wrapped cloth on the wall can play a certain preventive effect. The temperature is low, and if the plastering, puttying, tiling and other working surfaces are frozen, there will be quality problems such as hollowing. For the room without heating, when the temperature cannot meet the requirements, the construction shall be suspended or the heating equipment shall be increased to increase the indoor temperature. For the room that has been heated, a higher temperature is beneficial to the construction, but attention should be paid to the problem of drying and cracking caused by too fast water loss on the working surface. The sand used by bricklayers should be carefully screened and there should be no ice. Antifreeze should be added appropriately according to the actual construction needs. When mixing mortar, it should be adjusted frequently. Cement cannot be constructed in the open air, and antifreeze should be done well

according to the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, pay attention to leaving appropriate gaps in winter construction. For example, the door seam should not be too small during winter construction, so as not to tighten the door in summer and cannot be opened and closed freely; When making furniture, it is necessary to leave about 0.1mm joint seam to avoid deformation, etc

◆ fewer people, easy to design, small changes, big feelings

fewer people decorate in winter, and more opportunities for consumers to choose. Because there are few people decorating in this season, many decoration companies will let multiple designers work together to complete a design, and the service is easy to be in place. Consumers can also choose several decoration companies at the same time and change them repeatedly according to their own ideas

small changes in home design can make winter warmer. Decorate the room with warm colors. For example, bedding, curtains, etc. can be changed into yellow, brown, rust and other colors that can make people look and feel warm

put two small blankets on the stool or sofa at will. They can not only add color and style to your home, but also easily cover it when you feel cold

ceramic tiles and wooden floors will give people a cold feeling. It is advisable to lay a layer of carpet at home, which will raise the indoor temperature by several degrees. If you don't think it's cost-effective enough, you can choose to put a small carpet on the floor where you spend the longest time at home

put on warm decorations. Replace the decorations made of silk materials in summer with rough and warm varieties, such as simple wooden baskets and plush throw pillows. Even a little change can make the room like spring all the year round

◆ remember to ventilate after completion

pay attention to fire prevention in winter decoration. Garbage should be cleaned at any time, wood chips, wood chips and other inflammables should be cleaned at any time, paint and other items should be placed separately in the balcony and other ventilated places

when the long and hard decoration work is completed, the owner must not rush to move into the new house. First of all, it is necessary to carefully check and accept, so as to avoid future disputes and problems. In addition, there are many winters to pay special attention to

as the ventilation degree during construction in winter is not as good as that in other seasons, some harmful gases will remain indoors. For newly decorated houses, consumers should not rush to check in, but appropriately extend the check-in time. It is suggested to cultivate green plants so that flowers, plants and clean water can absorb some harmful gases

after decoration, the owner can put a basin of clean water in each room to increase indoor humidity and prevent cracks on the wall, top and furniture from drying too quickly

finally, we can do a timely air detection. In the heating season, the air is dry, the temperature is high, the indoor ventilation is poor, and the formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances in the decoration materials such as large core board and wood floor volatilize greatly, which is easy to cause the concentration of harmful substances to exceed the standard. A qualified indoor air testing department should be invited to conduct an air test





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