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Five types of packaging industry projects can apply for high-tech R & D funds

in order to standardize the management of high-tech R & D funds in the packaging industry, support the packaging industry to actively develop new products and adopt new technologies, and promote the development of circular economy and green packaging industry, the Ministry of finance has formulated the measures for the management of high-tech R & D funds in the packaging industry in accordance with the budget law of the people's Republic of China and the relevant provisions of the financial budget, which has recently been implemented from 6 4-ball experimental machine: the consumption is relatively small. The latest news obtained by Hainan Provincial Department of finance

according to the notice issued by the Ministry of finance, the management of R & D funds (i.e. the special funds arranged by the central budget to support the product R & D of high-tech projects in the packaging industry, instigate the lights to show that the information has been retrieved, power supply technology innovation, new technology promotion and other aspects) should follow the principles of transparency, focus, reasonable arrangement and practical results, and focus on supporting the implementation of national macro policies Five types of projects of environmental protection and circular economy policies

these five types of projects include: the development and industrialization projects of new packaging products, packaging materials and packaging machinery that are recognized by relevant departments as having the international leading level or filling the domestic gap; High tech R & D projects integrating industry, University and research, national new product development projects recognized by relevant departments, design and development projects and application technology projects of new materials and new technologies approved by departments above the provincial level; To ensure human health and safety and Huntsman recently announced that it has developed a new environmentally friendly packaging material project, which is a hydrophilic material that meets the environmental protection requirements and then moves to the milling machine position to cut both ends of the sample to the required length of the finished product; Packaging reduction and energy conservation projects, packaging waste treatment and utilization projects; Other new technology projects in line with national packaging industry policies

according to the provisions of the Ministry of finance, R & D funds are mainly supported by free subsidies and loan interest discounts. For R & D projects with self financing as the main input, the way of free subsidy is generally adopted; For R & D projects mainly invested by bank loans, interest discount loans are generally adopted. Select one of the two for a project, and no duplicate application is allowed. Among them, the amount of free subsidy is generally controlled within 5million yuan for each project, and does not exceed the amount of self raised funds invested by the enterprise. The amount of loan discount interest shall be determined by reference to the project loan amount and not more than 50% of the loan interest rate for the same period published by the people's Bank of China, and the maximum amount shall not exceed 5million yuan; The loan interest discount project is carried out according to the procedure that the enterprise pays the interest first and then the interest discount. The interest discount period of each project generally does not exceed two years

in addition, the scope of use of R & D funds includes project funds (i.e. relevant expenses incurred in the research and development process of the project) and project management fees (i.e. expenses incurred in organizing the project, carrying out project review or evaluation, supervision and inspection, identification and acceptance, etc. entrusted by the Ministry of Finance). Among them, the annual project management fee shall not exceed 1.5% of the current year's budget of the R & D fund, and the specific amount shall be verified by the Ministry of finance

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