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Zhongshan: five major industrial clusters such as packaging and printing are booming

at the signing ceremony for investment promotion of well-known domestic private enterprises in Guangdong Province, the Torch Development Zone has 14 signed projects with a total investment of 17.214 billion yuan, ranking second in the city. It is reported that these investment projects mainly focus on industry and service industry, and are mainly concentrated in advanced manufacturing, modern service industry and strategic emerging industries. Among them, Mingyang wind power investment holding (Tianjin) has formed a plastic recycling system Co., Ltd. with an investment of 7.2 billion yuan to build a large-scale wind turbine and key component industrial base

the economic heap and scale of the development zone mainly depend on central enterprises and foreign enterprises, but in the current transformation and upgrading campaign, private enterprises will become an important force. Ouyang Jinquan, deputy director of the Management Committee of the Development Zone, said that the private economy, as an important force to promote the endogenous innovation and development of the economy, was, is and will be the strategic support for the sustainable and healthy economic development of the development zone. The presence of these well-known private enterprises will further promote and accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading of the Torch Development Zone and promote the coordinated and healthy development of the private economy

crouching tiger, hidden dragon, a private enterprise in the Development Zone

it is reported that after more than 20 years of development, famous enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions have gathered on the hot land of 90 square kilometers in the Development Zone, with seven national industrial base brands, including five industrial clusters of electronic information, biomedicine, packaging and printing, chemical industry and auto parts. In 2010, the district achieved a regional GDP of 25.73 billion yuan, an industrial output value of 113.1 billion yuan, an export of 7.09 billion dollars and a tax of 4.36 billion yuan

as the leader of the economy of Zhongshan City, whether it was signing 12 investment agreements totaling 68.9 billion yuan with 12 central enterprises at the Beijing central enterprise investment promotion conference at the beginning of this year, or successfully signing 22 projects at the 328 investment promotion and Trade Fair in Zhongshan City this year, with a total investment of 1.729 billion US dollars, the investment in large projects such as central enterprises in the development zone has attracted much attention from the outside world. Some people even believe that among central enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises, Private economy is a short board for the development of this area

Ouyang Jinquan, who is in charge of economic work, does not agree with this view. He believes that the development zone has always had a good soil suitable for the development of private enterprises. Whether it is business culture or government environment, there is space and soil suitable for the growth of private enterprises. One characteristic of the private enterprises in the development zone is that they are all elites from all over the country. They come here alone with technology, dreams, confidence and determination to start a business, take root in the Development Zone, and grow and expand in the development zone

heroes don't ask where they came from. In the Development Zone, private enterprises can be described as crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Ouyang Jinquan said, for example, Zhongshan Tongyu Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was originally the technical backbone of China Unicom. Later, he went to the development zone to start a business. He was the first to mainly do 3G base station antenna. After just a few years of development, the company has developed into an industry-leading and world-famous supplier of antenna and microwave products. Its partners include Siemens, Huawei, Nokia, etc

it is reported that Tongyu communication will invest 600million yuan to expand the production scale at this well-known private enterprise investment promotion meeting. At that time, the project will mainly design and manufacture TD-SCDMA third-generation mobile communication smart antenna array (national torch plan project), microwave communication transmission equipment and cellular mobile communication equipment. It is expected that the annual sales revenue will exceed 1billion yuan after it is put into operation

United Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise successfully incubated in the innovation and Creativity Center. The company was originally a R & D technology company composed of more than a dozen optical engineers. In just six years since 2005, the company has developed into a comprehensive company focusing on the optical and optoelectronic fields, integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. Its products are mainly used in camera modules However, the carbonization temperature of glucose molecules is about 200 degrees Celsius in the fields of computer, video camera, vehicle camera system and safety monitoring. At present, the company is carrying out share reform

when other domestic enterprises are still keen on OEM, the company has been able to produce all optical lenses. Ouyang Jinquan said that the company not only has independent intellectual property rights, but also has always adhered to the road of brand management. Its own lens brand, Unio, has successfully won a place in Korea and is also one of the important suppliers of large module manufacturers in China

During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the Torch Development Zone has injected strong impetus into the economic development of the zone by accelerating the transformation of economic development mode and accelerating the adjustment, transformation and upgrading of industrial structure. A large number of central enterprises have settled in the Development Zone, and a large number of private enterprises have focused on the development zone

at the investment promotion meeting of well-known domestic private enterprises, the Development Zone planned to attract investment and transformation and upgrading at the same time. According to the current stage of industrial development, it defined the investment orientation and key points, and implemented hierarchical investment promotion. There were 14 signed projects on the same day, with a total investment of 17.214 billion yuan, ranking second in the city

among them, there are 10 private enterprises outside the province, including Mingyang wind turbine and key components industrial base, Guangdong satellite navigation industrial transformation base, Zhongjing sugar industry, incredibly home investment, and 4 private enterprises in the province, including modern education system (Zhongshan) base, intelligent power project, cloud computing based IOT intelligent interactive system and other projects

Ouyang Jinquan said that these projects mainly involve strategic emerging industries and modern service industries. Taking the modern service industry as an example, Beijing fanzhijia Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. invested 1billion yuan to build a fanzhijia building materials chain store in Zhongshan, providing customers with one-stop services such as decoration design, decoration materials, furniture, household products and accessories, and integrating various business forms such as home decoration design center, furniture and building materials brand stores, building materials supermarkets, and home shopping malls. At that time, the project will take Zhongshan as the core and radiate the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and Macao

in addition, JIUZHOUTONG Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., which was listed last year, also invested 300million yuan to build a modern pharmaceutical logistics distribution center in South China with Zhongshan as the headquarters in South China

Ouyang Jinquan said that the selection of the development zone for these 14 projects showed that entrepreneurs fully affirmed and highly trusted the investment and entrepreneurship environment in the development zone. If it is assumed that the demand for paper products will remain stable in the future, the development zone will further optimize the good atmosphere of being pro business, supporting business and enriching business, so that the majority of investors can have a deep roots here

the development zone is developing both internal and external sources. Adopting the development mode of central enterprises, foreign capital and private enterprises, it is bound to push the development zone and even the city's economy onto a new round of high-speed development track, and promote the new improvement and new leap of Zhongshan's economy at a higher level

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