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Fitting the eco-friendly Cortina waterless printer to occupy the Norwegian market

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core tip: after polaristrykk ordered the Cortina printer in the late autumn of 2013, the general manager steinarbakken said, "We invested in the purchase of gaobao Cortina waterless printing machine, aiming to become Norway's leading newspaper printing plant in terms of quality and production capacity." in August 2014, this cold set printing machine with two printing towers was officially put into operation. Before Christmas, this printing machine will also be installed with a printing tower, a thermosetting part, an oven device, a cooling roller frame and subsequent kits for coated paper printing

[China Packaging News] after polaristrykk ordered Cortina printing machine in late autumn of 2013, steinarbakken, general manager, said that we invested in purchasing gaobao Cortina waterless printing machine in order to become Norway's leading newspaper printing plant in terms of quality and production capacity. In August 2014, this cold set printing machine with two printing towers was officially put into operation. Before Christmas, this printing machine will be installed with a printing tower A thermosetting part, an oven unit, a cooling roll holder and a subsequent kit for coated paper printing

cortina has replaced the two gaobao express rotary printers that began to be used in 1997. The machine has a wide range of automation functions. It will operate more flexibly and quickly when live parts are replaced more frequently. It can achieve excellent printing quality in cold setting (without drying device) printing. It can be considered that this is a reliable investment that goes smoothly according to the plan

due to the excellent printing quality of Cortina printing machine, polaristrykk began to make efforts to make the practical bandwidth less than the set bandwidth, to develop higher-level printing materials, to achieve flexible production through waterless offset printing, and to launch and sell new products to customers at home and abroad. Steinarbakken said: by producing the highest quality cold setting, thermosetting and hybrid products, we can provide customers with more choices, so as to expand new markets, better reduce the momentum and obviously deal with the competition of electronic media. Cortina is able to produce a wide variety of prints through rapid version change, flexible change of tape width and extremely short version change time, which is a key advantage over other printing plants

a wide range of products creates new opportunities

cold set products with improved quality have particularly good prospects, because they do not need to use high-energy thermoset drying devices in the production of these products, so the cost can be reduced

in addition, they can provide excellent visual quality, which is the most important aspect for many readers. Mittmedia, a Swedish Cortina user, has achieved great success by using improved paper to produce high-quality inserts and magazines. Polaristrykk is also aware of the growing interest in these products in the Norwegian market. Such products can bring an additional positive impact, that is, users and advertisers believe that the printed products printed on uncoated paper are eco-friendly. This fits well with Cortina's eco-friendly image. Norwegian media group and its customers attach great importance to climate protection

has a strong market position in Norway

polaristrykk, located in Trondheim with excellent kink resistance, elasticity and flexibility, is one of the largest printing plants in Norway. Its history dates back to 1767 and the founding of Norway's oldest newspaper, adresseavisen. This media group is 100% owned by polarismedia, one of the three major national media organizations. In addition to the printing business, the group is also very active in the field of electronic media. It is a leader in providing cross media information through Internet, print, radio and television

polaristrykk is the market leader of Johnson Matthey in the region from the northwest of the Norwegian coast to the North Cape. It has printing plants in Trondheim, Olson, halsta and ARTA. Polaristrykk also holds a 50% stake in a printing plant located in orkanger. All printing plants of the group have obtained relevant certification in accordance with national and Scandinavian environmental standards stipulated by government authorities. Nearly half of the company's annual revenue of 55million euros (65million US dollars) comes from the printing business in Trondheim for the regional publications adresseavisen and Tr? Nder avisa and some versions of domestic verdengang, Dagbladet, dagensnaringslive and afterpost. The printing house also prints inserts and other commercial prints of adresseavisen for domestic customers

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