The most popular five departments of Gansu Provinc

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On October 23, 2003, it was learned from the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce that the measurement and cutting of Gansu Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, the Provincial Publishing Bureau and the provincial public force had completed the first paragraph through just changing the auxiliary tools. The Security Bureau and other five departments and bureaus would take 14 months to rectify and standardize the order of the printing market in five stages, and by the end of December 2004, all the reserved printing units would reach the level specified in the qualification conditions. The situation of low-level and repeated construction of the printing industry in Gansu Province has been significantly improved, and the printing industry has been urged to accelerate the change of this situation. Structural adjustment, technological progress and industrial upgrading have caused serious air pollution in most cities. It is reported that the scope of rectification is the printing units in the province that do not comply with relevant national laws and regulations, as well as illegal and illegal operations

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