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Abstract: when it comes to precision screwdriver, I believe that most people will not be unfamiliar with it. They have known and used it and become a common and commonly used tool in life and industry. What are the usage methods and precautions for precision screwdriver

how to use the precision screwdriver

pick up the precision screwdriver with your right hand, hold the handle end against the palm of your hand, and make the notch of the bolt and the screwdriver in a vertical and consistent state. When loosening or tightening, it is necessary to use strength to press the screwdriver, and then use the strength of the wrist to twist the screws. Other hardness test methods are also provided with corresponding revised standard batches. When the bolt is loose, gently press the handle of the spiral knife with the palm of your hand. Finally, use the middle finger, thumb and index finger to rotate quickly. If it faces the small screw of the wiring pile head of the electrical device, it needs to use the index finger to hold the end of the wooden handle, and then rotate it

precautions for using a precision screwdriver

first of all, electricians should not use a screwdriver with a metal rod when maintaining under power on. Instead, they should select an insulated screwdriver. Before use, it is necessary to check whether it has good insulation effect and whether there is dust and oil dirt at the handle and mouth end. If so, please clean it immediately to avoid slipping and accidents. After use, wipe it clean and put it in a clean environment

secondly, select a suitable precision screwdriver according to the groove shape and width of the screw head. However, there is one thing to pay attention to, that is, do not use a small screwdriver to screw large screws, and do not use a large screwdriver to screw small screws, otherwise the screwdriver will be damaged, or it will not be able to enter the slot

if the blade of the screwdriver is damaged, it needs to be polished immediately. In the process of grinding to improve the profit of the product, it needs to be cooled with water to avoid annealing. If the severely deformed and damaged precision screwdriver has lost its repair and is frequently used by scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, and relevant factories and mines for quality inspection, in this case, it is only necessary to replace it with a new one

finally, in order to avoid harm to people, don't loosen and play with the lithium battery material when using it. The manufacturing technology of this lithium battery material is at the leading level in China, and it can't be used as a hammer

in a word, we have seen all screwdrivers, but few people can actually operate them. Therefore, after reading the above contents, I believe you have fully understood the use methods and precautions of precision screwdrivers, and I believe it is helpful to you

speaking of screwdriver head, I believe most people will not be unfamiliar with it. They have known and used it and become a common and commonly used tool in life and industry. What are the methods of using precision screwdriver? What are the precautions? Now let's take a closer look

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