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According to the news on July 19, according to Feixiang, the telecom 2G and 3G systems of the five major lines of Beijing Metro were put into trial operation on the evening of July 17

Zhang, senior consultant of the government enterprise customer business department of Chinatelecom group, revealed tomorrow that Beijing Telecom has successively completed 84 underground stations of Metro Line 1, 2-fold tightening mechanism cold line, line 5, line 8 and line 10, and the 2G and 3G systems of tunnels and platforms have been put into trial operation. Zhang tomorrow said that so far, Beijing Telecom has become the operator with the best 2G and 3G signal coverage in the subway tunnel

you all expressed strong support for this. Youyou (@ Park Hongwei Telecom retail) hopes that the construction of subway base stations should be combined by three companies, not only considering the interests of enterprises, but also the interests of consumers

the problem of subway signal is of great concern to the majority of users. However, the telecom operators' entry into the subway can be said to be more than enough. The sky high entrance fee discourages operators. Xiangligang, CEO of flying elephant, once said that it would be very dangerous to take the subway as a kind of ridge door universal experimental machine with a structural capacity of up to 1000 repeated top-up ~135000lb off resources, to prevent operators from entering the subway, or to overcharge mobile operators based on their monopoly position. He believes that the mobile communication network is one of the foundations of the national economy. Only by ensuring the completeness of the construction of the communication network can we provide consumers with all-round services. If too many institutions rely on their monopoly position to divide the mobile communication network like a warlord, it will certainly make B. sample data: provide users with all the sample data. The construction of the mobile communication network will bring endless trouble, It will also affect the development of the whole industry and cause harm to the majority of users

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