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First line story: hand in hand Lovol rotary drill intimate service with you

first line story: hand in hand Lovol rotary drill intimate service with you

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. His Lovol fr628d rotary drilling rig collapsed due to a plastic error in the operator's operation. Now the rig is tilted, and Lovol is requested to send a service engineer to the site for rescue. After learning about the situation, Minister Yang told the customer not to worry. First prepare auxiliary equipment such as cranes and excavators on the site, and the service engineer will rush to the site immediately

put it down, Minister Yang immediately convened a service expert team to use the remote consultation system to help Fujian Lovol rotary drill users

zhangquanpei and huguiju, the service engineers stationed in Fujian, immediately contacted the remote consultation system of the company headquarters after receiving the dispatch from the 400 customer service command center. After driving to the customer's construction site, they found that the drilling rig had tilted forward, and further delay would cause great losses to the customer. When huguiju, 36, saw this scene, he did not have time to replace his rubber overshoes. He walked through the mud filled site, jumped on the drill, and with the luffing action, he made the rotary drill avoid the collapsing pile hole, which won valuable buffer time for on-site rescue. The service manager zhangquanpei is making a detailed introduction to the factors that need to be considered in the protection, maintenance and model selection of the material change experimental machine described by Lei Zong. The remote consultation system of Wowo rotary drill and the remote rescue center of the company headquarters jointly plan the rescue plan, command the cranes on the site to be arranged in place and the excavators to lay steel plates on the site. After more than an hour, the towering Lovol rotary drill finally retreated from the hole collapse to a safe area

watching his rig get out of danger smoothly, President Chen burst into tears. President Chen sincerely said: "I didn't take too much into account when drilling that hole. I quickly took the average value as the hardness value of the test piece. I was in a hurry to finish drilling. But who knew that the geology below was too unstable. The manipulator was careless, and most of the drill fell into the hole. It was frightening. Looking at my equipment and millions of machines at that time, I was really sad! You came at the critical moment and helped me to drill the drill bit by bit. I really felt like I was from the ground Go to heaven. "

while winning customers with professional service, active service and family service, Lovol rotary drill also implements fine management with the help of the information-based remote service platform, making every effort to improve the reproducibility of PD points and create an all-weather and all-round service system

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