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Five bottlenecks restrict the localization of papermaking equipment although some fundamental changes have taken place in the equipment of the domestic papermaking industry during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the papermaking equipment industry can carry out complex data analysis equipment and participate in the competition between the domestic and international markets because it needs to provide the papermaking industry with advanced domestic equipment with low input and high output, namely energy conservation, consumption reduction and environmental protection, during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, Therefore, the localization process of the papermaking equipment is still restricted by five factors:

first, it is difficult to attract a large amount of capital investment. Papermaking equipment is a traditional industry, so it is necessary to vigorously improve the equipment level of the industry. With the adjustment of the national credit policy, the proportion of enterprises' own investment and social financing will increase, so the financing is more difficult

secondly, it is difficult to obtain high and new technology. At present, the absorption and digestion of foreign new technologies by papermaking equipment enterprises remain at the stage of "seeking success according to the plan". After China's entry into WTO, as foreign companies have strengthened the protection of intellectual property rights, it is more difficult for domestic enterprises to further obtain high-tech in the form of higher transmission efficiency. Therefore, domestic enterprises must improve their independent development ability

third, it is difficult to have high-level professional and technical personnel. The professional knowledge of high-tech pulp and paper machinery covers a wide range. Many knowledge and experience need to keep pace with the times, and a group of senior talents with new knowledge structure and innovation ability are needed. Otherwise, major technological breakthroughs cannot be achieved, and it is difficult for enterprises to obtain senior talents who can overcome high-tech in a short period of time

fourth, it is difficult to create an orderly market environment. Although a number of leading enterprises in pulp and paper equipment industry have been formed during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, most enterprises in the industry still have the same products, and price competition is still the main means of competition in the industry

fifth, it is not possible to compete on the same stage with companies from warming countries across the international market. According to their globalization strategy, some well-known multinational companies and some professional companies abroad regard the Chinese paper market with great potential as the target market, not only to maintain their monopoly position in the large-scale, high-speed and automated pulp and paper production lines; It has also given play to its capital and technological advantages and successively established joint ventures and technology centers in China to compete for the domestic equipment market. In short, the paper equipment enterprises are facing more and more severe challenges in the international environment of the domestic market

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