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For thousands of years, the history and style of interior design has its own internal development mechanism, but at the same time, it is closely related to the development of society and basically keeps pace with the development. Taking Europe as an example, in the heyday of ancient Greece, it was the architectural complex and temple interior of the city-state protector, in ancient Rome, it was a large-scale pure consumer public building, in the middle ages, it was a religious building, and so on. Therefore, a unique art genre and style of interior design have also been formed in history

ancient Egypt

ancient Egypt was dominated by farming. It was believed that gods and Egyptians in the afterlife built a large number of shrines and King's tombs with stones (the upper class built houses with bricks, civilians drilled holes for living rooms, and branches painted with mud for walls). The walls and ceilings of the tomb chamber of the king's tomb are mostly covered with murals and pattern decoration. A large number of furniture were unearthed in the tombs, such as armchairs, folding chairs, beds, tables, tables, etc. Most of the armrests and legs of the chairs are decorated with colored carvings and inlaid with gold and silver and legs. The structure of furniture adopts the connection method of wood bars and wood bars, and there are mortise and tenon methods. It reflects the superb level of woodworking technology in ancient Egypt




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