Solid wood home life Museum established

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Solid wood home life Museum was established

on March 16, 2007, a solid wood cabinet home life Museum was established in the international home furnishing center. It adopts the most cutting-edge design concept in Europe and carries out functional design according to the living habits of modern people. The overall style is simple and grand, luxurious, and shows the primitive and healthy beauty of solid wood and the exquisite life of European nobles. The base materials of cabinet door panels are all introduced from Europe and the United States, mainly including oak, cherry, alder and other precious natural trees. After dozens of processes such as modern unique technology, color aging and manual carving, the solid wood cabinets are made with fine hand feel and exquisite shape. With advanced imported marble countertops and hardware accessories, the noble quality of solid wood cabinets is more perfect, creating a green and environmental protection Kitchen space to show self taste, hobbies and life values





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