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In rural China, there are many people who believe in Feng Shui, and they pay attention to Feng Shui almost everywhere; So in Feng Shui, what are the stresses of rural decoration Feng Shui? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

rural decoration geomantic pay attention to

rural decoration geomantic taboo

rural decoration geomantic taboo 1:

low courtyard walls and barbed wire are forbidden around the house. Like a prison, it is becoming increasingly poor. Such a house is considered extremely expensive in rural residential Feng Shui. At the same time, a certain gap should be reserved between the enclosure and the main body of the house. This is something that ancient mansions and courtyards were extremely concerned about, just right “ Leave blank ” It can make the homeowner have a smooth sailing

Feng Shui taboo 2 in rural decoration:

there is a stress on planting trees in rural houses. At the same time, the roots of vegetation (especially tree roots) that affect the building should be removed during the construction of the house. As we all know, the power of trees is huge. Recurrent roots can even collapse the foundation and the wall. In the Feng Shui layout of rural houses, attention should also be paid to the East and south of the house, and trees should not be planted. Once the trees grow vigorously, the rich shade will affect the ventilation and lighting of the house. Pine trees are planted in the west of the house, Daji

rural decoration Feng Shui taboo 3:

Feng Shui in front of the door should be paid attention to. The bridge rushes through the gate, always breaking money, and the triangular fence is prone to accidents. At the same time, the front door should be cleaned day by day, and garbage must not be stacked. It is not only harmful to health, but also considered to be money dispersing in rural residential Feng Shui. It's best not to have a sewage pool in front of the door. If there is, remember to cover it, otherwise you will lose money and hurt yourself

Feng Shui taboo 4 in rural decoration:

the location relationship between houses and roads. There is a road to the west of the house, which is considered to be a great blessing in the rural residential geomancy. Of course, we should clearly distinguish between the road to the West and the road to the West. The path in front of the door is continuous, safe and rich. The road in front of the door like a bow is considered extremely inappropriate, and the arrow is on the line and has to be fired. (guidaye Feng Shui

rural villa decoration Feng Shui pays attention to

rural villa site selection Feng Shui

(I) people born in spring are too prosperous to benefit fire and gold. It is better to live in the South and southwest areas. The direction of the house should be from north to South or from northeast to southwest

(II) people born in summer are too hot to benefit gold. It is advisable to live in the northwest and North districts. The direction of the house should be from southeast to northwest and from south to north

(III) people born in autumn, Jin Taiwang, benefit fire. It is advisable to live in the south district. The direction of the house should be north to south

(IV) people born in winter have too much water and wood fire. It is advisable to live in the southeast and South districts. The direction of the house should be northwest to Southeast and north to south

The front of the house is called “ Front rosefinch ”, Also called “ Mingtang ”. Many feng shui masters will take the window as their Mingtang seat

we take the side with the most open windows in the house as the direction. It belongs to Mingtang auspicious when there are the following environments outside the window

I. there is a pool and swimming pool outside the window

II. See the park and court outside the window

III. see the parking lot and Huanbao road outside the window

IV. see lakes, rivers, etc. outside the window

v. the window faces the sea

seeing water in front of the window is water for the bright hall, which can strengthen wealth. People who do business live in such buildings, and their business is more prosperous. If the window is empty and there is no water, it is for the bright hall to be wide. Although wealth is not as good as seeing water, it is also very stable. No matter whether the room is occupied or not, the doors and windows in the room should be kept open and closed, so that the momentum flows, the air is renewed, and “ Running water does not rot, and household hinges do not bark ”. In addition, the door gap of the gate should not be too large to avoid venting wealth

some Feng Shui problems that should be considered when selecting a house

it is not appropriate to reverse the bow on the street. The so-called street “ Reverse bow ”, It means that the street in front of the house bends, and the bending position directly faces the gate. Feng Shui calls it “ Sickle cuts the waist ”, Such a house is not suitable for purchase. Avoiding it is auspicious

avoid killing the devil. The so-called “ Heaven cuts evil ” It refers to a narrow gap between two high-rise buildings; Because it seems to be cut in half with a knife, it is called tianzhansha. If the house faces “ The sky cuts off evil spirits ”, There is likely to be a bloody disaster: the narrower the gap is, the fiercer it will be, and the closer the distance is, the more dangerous it will be! Therefore, it is not suitable to choose a house facing the sky, but if there is another building behind it to fill the gap, it might as well

avoid arrows& ldquo; Arrow Sha ” It refers to the sharp corner shooting outside the door of the house, which is like an arrow, commonly known as “ Arrow Sha ”. Commit “ Arrow Sha ” The housing wealth cannot be accumulated, and the reasons for breaking money are mostly related to the following problems: breaking money because of physical health problems; Be cheated by others and lose money. The way to turn evil spirits should be from& ldquo; Heaven, earth and man ” Start: hide the five emperors' money at the threshold, which is the method of dishua Sha; Hang a convex mirror on the lintel, which is the Dharma of Tianhua; Hang a beast's head plate with a pull ring in your mouth at the pull ring of the hall. This is a humanized evil method

how to build houses in rural areas? Pay attention to geomantic omen

1. Save cultivated land:

land is the lifeblood of farmers, the absence of soil, and the attachment of people? Due to the population growth, the per capita cultivated land area in rural areas has decreased year by year, affecting the production of grain, and also generating a large number of surplus labor in rural areas, which has nowhere to be used. Occupying good land and building houses in rural areas has become the main reason for the reduction of agricultural cultivated land. This requires the choice of residential land to occupy less or no cultivated land, forest land, artificial pasture, and try to choose wasteland, thin land, hillside, etc. Especially those with good building materials, such as reinforced concrete, have strong ability to resist wind disasters, and can be less limited by topographic conditions

2. The land is high and sunny, the groundwater level is low, and the ground must have a certain slope

this is conducive to drainage, moisture-proof, keeping the ground dry, enhancing the anti-corrosion capacity of the house, while maintaining a clean environment and reducing the breeding ground of flies and mosquitoes. If the terrain condition is not ideal, it can be improved manually. Many old villages are built by the mountain and the water, and the rain on the mountain goes down the slope (that is, the " drenching water " in Feng Shui), Part of it flows through ditches, and part of it penetrates into the ground and invades the wall foundation of the house. The room is very humid. Long term residence will lead to rheumatic diseases, and serious cases will develop to rheumatic heart disease, tonsillitis, and pharyngitis. The incidence rate will also increase. In this case, deep ditches can be dug around the house to drain water and improve the environment

3. Try to avoid the areas where the houses are crossed by railways, highways and high-voltage transmission lines, and avoid the areas where there are proved underground resources for exploitation or important historical sites

4. According to the characteristics of building materials, use favorable terrain to resist natural disasters

generally, the houses using reinforced cement have strong disaster resistance, and the windproof effect of the terrain can be less considered. If it is a bamboo wood structure or adobe, the ability of such houses to resist wind disasters and rainstorms is very weak, so they should be selected in the wind shelter zone, and the houses are generally not built on the top of the mountain

5. The soil of the construction site should be clean and far away from the base, corpse mounds and swamps. It is forbidden to build on the foundation filled with garbage and other dirt, and try to avoid the downwind side of the perennial dominant wind of the pollution source

in terms of health, we should try to avoid areas with high incidence of endemic diseases (referring to areas with high incidence of endemic goiter, cretinism, Keshan disease, Kashin Beck disease and endemic fluorine poisoning), serious natural foci (some diseases with infectious sources such as rodents and insects, such as rat plague, forest encephalitis, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, etc., can exist in nature independently of human beings, and areas with such diseases are natural foci)

6. Production Sufficient domestic water and good water quality

7. The foundation should be stable

first of all, we should avoid areas attacked and threatened by natural disasters such as floods, landslides, debris flows, river erosion, etc

landslides, debris flows and rolling stones occur rapidly in mountainous areas, which do serious harm to villages. Landslides and debris flows mostly occur in the structural fracture zone of rock strata, strongly weathered zone, shale, schist, phyllite and other distribution zones with weak interlayer, as well as the hillside zone with thick loose overburden. These zones have complex structures, developed fracture folds, broken rock layers, serious weathering, and the internal balance of rock layers is damaged, which is very easy to produce landslides, debris flows, and rolling stones. The terrain fluctuates greatly, and the slopes, steep walls, and deep valleys are also favorable conditions for the formation and development of landslides, debris flows, and rolling stones

in the area where the earthquake occurs, on the one hand, the houses and buildings should be firm, on the other hand, the open and flat terrain, the buildings on the gentle slope have light earthquake damage, the strip-shaped protruding mountain Tsui, the towering hills and the buildings on the non rocky steep slope have heavy earthquake damage, while the buildings located in the landslide, landslide and subsidence sections are often destroyed

secondly, the soil layer of the building foundation should be investigated, and attention should be paid to whether the compressibility and distribution of the soil layer are uniform. Excessive compressibility will cause excessive settlement of the house; Uneven distribution will cause the settlement difference of the house to be too large, causing the house to tilt or crack. The foundation in mountainous areas should pay attention to whether there are caves or soil caves. For the collapsible loess zone in the Loess Plateau, it should be noted that the strength of the foundation is significantly reduced and the deformation increases sharply under the action of water, causing houses to crack and tilt. Reliable waterproof measures must be taken to build houses in this area. For the seasonal frozen soil foundation in the north, it will be frozen in winter and thawed in summer, and then it will expand and shrink after freezing, which will cause damage to the houses. Therefore, drainage measures should be strengthened




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