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On December 26, the delivery ceremony of "mine warrior" swe600f large excavator of Shanhe intelligent was solemnly held in Shanhe industrial city. Xiazhihong, executive general manager of Shanhe intelligence, huangzhixiong, deputy general managers, longjucai and heads of all business divisions attended the ceremony. Tao Haijun, deputy general manager of different affairs, presided over the ceremony according to the load measurement method

many customers, friends and dealer representatives attended the event, and the whole live broadcast of the event was broadcast in the Shanhe intelligent micro praise live room

xiazhihong, executive general manager of Shanhe intelligence, delivered a speech. He pointed out that the Shanhe intelligent excavator industry has been on the rise. This year, the company ranked 7th in the total industry volume, and its export ranking jumped to 4th. Swe600f is a high-quality product close to the market, which has been developed and manufactured by the R & D team of Shanhe intelligent excavator through full mine field research and in combination with the actual needs of customers

fanzhengrong, executive deputy general manager of excavator division, introduced the main character of today's handover ceremony - "mine warrior" swe600f. "The 600F has a powerful appearance and strong lines. Its installed power and main pump displacement have reached the largest in the industry. The boom, dipper and bucket are more suitable for heavy load loading, heavy load stripping and crushing hammer operation." Swe600f, as the king of mine crushing specially created for the field of mine construction, is equipped with top-level mine enhanced working device, which makes people admire it with its ultra-high efficiency and reliability

customers visit around the machine

Shanhe intelligent is the earliest enterprise in China to develop and produce modern hydraulic excavators. It now has a full range of excavator models with different specifications, including micro, small, medium and super large excavators. It ranks among the top 20 excavator enterprises in the world. Its excavator products are internationally advanced and exported in batches to Europe, America and other developed countries and regions. This 600F is also one of the heavyweight new products launched by Shanhe intelligent at the new product release conference of this year's Shanghai BMW exhibition. It continues the cutting-edge technology and process of Shanhe intelligent and keeps to the right and innovation

customers and friends have seen the strength of the "mine warrior" and have purchased this high-quality equipment. At the event site, the company leaders and customer representatives launched a grand delivery ceremony together

xiazhihong, executive general manager of Shanhe intelligent, handed the golden key of 600F to President Du, a customer who fully believed in Shanhe excavator

after the delivery ceremony, xiazhihong issued the departure instruction. With the sound of the thunderous salute, the equipment transport vehicle loaded with swe600f slowly left. They will transport these excavators to every customer

"mine warriors" will also start their value creation journey to help customers get rich, show the market that Shanhe is smart, hard and fragile: the excellent strength of excavators with large tensile strength and elastic modulus, and use their actual performance to feed back the trust of users in Shanhe intelligence

China Economic Weekly, Hunan Satellite TV, Hunan Economic TV and Hunan Red conducted interviews and reports on the scene

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