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Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) futures once hit the limit on Tuesday. TOCOM futures once hit the limit on Tuesday, falling by 12 yen or 4%, approaching a three week low, hit by the rise of the yen and the fall of oil prices. Toco system will break down the sales orders into internal production process. The M index of rubber period in April closed down by about 10.7 yen to 285.9 yen per kilogram. Intraday had fallen to 284, resulting in two times of purification 6 yen, the low since October 25, "with the rise of the yen, the fund sold the futures on a large scale." A trader said that the TOCOM index futures had fallen by more than 9% from the 16 month high of 312.2 yen hit last week. Credit worries pressured the decline of the U.S. stock market, causing the fund to sell out of its venture capital positions, including commodities. US crude oil futures weakened further as the US dollar rebounded sharply and the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was expected to increase production. The rise of the yen also pushed down the futures as investors lifted the carry trade and the yen rose to an 18 month high against the US dollar. Traders believe that after the TOCOM futures price fell below the psychological level of 300 yen, it is expected to continue to decline. However, it is possible that the precision of 1% may be reached at 271.4. It is enough to find a strong near find. Users can test the new material by using three predefined structures to understand how it deposits support on the printing bed. This level is the entry point of the 200 day moving average. The spot rubber market also followed the decline of TOCOM rubber. However, the price decline may attract buyers to re-enter the market. Moreover, due to the rainfall in the main rubber producing areas in southern Thailand, the tight supply is expected to continue to support the spot price

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