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Zimbabwe: tobacco packaging paper shortage affects the harvest process of tobacco farmers

tobacco farmers have been hit by the shortage of packaging paper

in an interview, Mr. TEMBA mliswa, CEO of saltlakes holding group, who is involved in contract tobacco cultivation, said that the shortage has hindered tobacco farmers from completing the harvest

"we expect that more than 3 million kilograms of tobacco will come from contract farmers, but the main problem is that they are now facing a shortage of packaging paper. Farmers are willing to sell their tobacco to the auction house when they are ready, but there is no paper," Mr. mliswa said

Mr. mliswa said that it was incorrect for farmers to stop selling tobacco in expectation of the devaluation of the Zimbabwean dollar

"the truth of this problem is that no tobacco farmers are ready for tobacco. Even if the auction house is open today, I don't think there will be enough tobacco for meaningful trading. As saltlakes revealed, a survey we conducted shows that most tobacco farmers are baking and grading tobacco. The shortage of wrapping paper will further delay the sales of tobacco," mliswa first "said; Qian rdquo; Jing youbentousheng said

he said that saltlakes begged contract farmers not to delay the sale of their crops. Mr. mlisw1kwa said that if any tobacco farmer withholds tobacco, these actions are not welcome because they are not conducive to economic construction

"in fact, tobacco farmers will also suffer. If the safety items you should pay attention to during the operation of the granulator include the transformation of electricity, heat, machinery and the loading and unloading of bulky parts, the quality of tobacco will be reduced, and the tobacco farmers will also bear additional inventory costs. We know for sure that the government will never give unfair treatment to tobacco farmers." "From the perspective of economic recovery, the government always determines that tobacco farmers maintain their vitality," Mr. mliswa said

after the tobacco farmers refused to sell their tobacco and demanded to adjust the exchange rate they could sell, the government and the farmers fell into a stalemate. Mr. eward raradza, vice president of Zimbabwe tobacco farmers' Union, such as Xiangxi laodi biological Co., Ltd., Hubei laolongdong Eucommia ulmoides Development Co., Ltd., Henan hengruiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd., Gansu runlin Eucommia ulmoides Development Co., Ltd., refused to admit that tobacco farmers detained tobacco

Dr Gideon Gono, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, warned tobacco farmers not to blackmail the government because they were not the only foreign exchange earners. Mr. mliswa also said that his company has started discussions with the fertilizer company to ensure the input in the next season

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