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On February 27th, 2005, the International Framework Convention on tobacco control, which officially entered into force in 40 countries, forced cigarette manufacturers to spend 4 After the installation of the sample, the package shall be replaced with a large amount of money. Chongqing Tobacco Monopoly Bureau recently said that the terms of the Convention, such as tobacco price, packaging and tobacco advertising, have a particularly significant impact on the publicity and production of the tobacco industry. Sichuan and Chongqing tobacco enterprises plan to invest a lot of money in changing and redesigning the outer packaging after the Convention takes effect in China

according to the Chongqing Tobacco Association, according to the Convention, the warning words "smoking is harmful to health" account for more than 30% of the outer packaging area of cigarette boxes. However, the warning words "smoking is harmful to health" in the current Chinese cigarette packaging design are generally not very obvious and the area is very small. Chongqing produces more than 700000 boxes of cigarettes a year. To change the packaging, we have to redesign the brand and reprint, which is certainly expensive. As for when to start the reload plan and how much the specific investment will be, the state tobacco monopoly administration is still working out a plan

ran Jingwang, chief engineer of Qianjiang cigarette factory, said that the packaging cost of a pack of cigarettes is 0.5 yuan. If the packaging is replaced, the layout and product positioning need to be redesigned. It is expected that the cost of each cigarette shell will increase by 0.1 yuan -0.2 yuan. Moreover, after the change of packaging, the tobacco factory has to establish the product image again, and the loss is intangible assets. If the new market development fee is included, it is estimated that the purchase of plastic bags from regular manufacturers is only one brand, which will cost tens of millions of yuan more

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