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Recently, in order to cultivate qualified, capable and innovative young people, and further give play to the role of promoting excellence in supporting the construction of enterprise talent team, Shanghai Tobacco printing company, with the goal of improving the quality of the youth team, explored and established a new mechanism for promoting excellence among young people, aiming to provide objective Fair evaluation basis

first, expand the connotation of promoting excellence. The new mechanism will recommend excellent young people as the development objects of the party. 2. On the basis of the performance characteristics of the manhole cover pressure fatigue testing machine, it will comprehensively and from multiple angles evaluate the stable growth of the comprehensive energy of young workers, and recommend excellent young talents to organizations at all levels of the enterprise. Second, comprehensively evaluate the quality of young people with good prescriptions. The new mechanism will comprehensively evaluate the youth's professional ethics, interpersonal communication, professional skills and ideals and beliefs by using the key event recording method, and generate differentiated evaluation basis in the form of accumulated points. Third, the standard tension samples were clamped on the upper layer of the hydraulic universal testing machine to highlight the requirements of all levels. The new mechanism will adopt the method of two-level hierarchical management, and take improving the youth's practical ability, learning ability and growth ability as the starting point, formulate a two-level work plan for promoting excellence at the Youth League Committee and the Youth League branch, and guide the youth to base themselves on their posts and improve their skills according to the different requirements of the company and departments

in the next stage, the company will first carry out extensive publicity and pilot projects among young people under the age of 28. Through active exploration and repeated verification, the company will carry out in-depth, and strive to give full play to the demonstration of double promotion of excellence and the role of recommending outstanding young talents

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